1. G

    Looking For Usa/canadian Partner For 200k Deal, We Split 50:50

    Hello You can call me GreyHat, I’m a professional carder/hacker and I need an American/Canadian partner,someone that actually lives in USA or Canada that can pull money out for me and we can go 50/50 and is willing to do anything to get that paper,cause there’s a lot of money to be made from my...
  2. K

    Cash App Loading

    Please who can load/fund Cash app I have full details and san,DOB We share 50/50 Account is verified and old .... I also have a welfargo bank account for loading/funding (we spilt 50/50) ICQ - @tutorclass Or PM
  3. TyBinWall

    Need Bank Accts For Loads / Check Drops

    ANY US BANK ACCOUNT HOLDERS message me ASAP I Can Mobile Deposit A Check Into Your Account After We Talk And Deal When Funds Hit Your Account You Can Send My Cut Or Give Me Details Ahead of Time And We Split In 2 DAYS Max Limits and Accounts Varys But I Can Do Up to 2k With No Problems As...
  4. H

    Facebook Messenger Carding Help

    Well a couple months ago I cashed out like 10k using fb messenger. It’s was so easy all I had to do was make a new fb account an add a debit Cc to fb messenger and send the money to another fake account. It was so easy, but now when I try to do it it disables the payment option. Anyone know how...
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