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Mar 6, 2017
Hello! We’re ready to offer a wide selection of servers located on our facilities in different countries. We had been working for private partner programs and services for a long time and finally decided to bring high quality of our services to public and to share it with you.

We stand out for our readiness to meet our customers halfway and offer the best solution with both attractive price and top level quality. Payment delays are allowed in our service. We also offer post-payment when you pay only for what you use and lots of other nice things.

In addition we can provide a large number of “clean” IP addresses for any kind of content mentioned above up to the range of /22 (1024) IP address.

We have a large number of servers for legal goals – for instance, a server with xeon 4 core, 32gb ram, 2*1tb hdd and gigabit channel will cost you only $185 including our support, ipmi and basic administration.

We also provide complex protection from DDOS – both hardware and software protection. We protect both our customers’ and third persons’ server. We have a huge experience since we had been providing hosting for DDOSers and their victims. After that we spent much time to test our facilities and get sure they are secure enough. We are ready to provide a free consultation regarding any DDOS protection related issue.

We keep on accepting orders for servers located in Bulgaria, Netherlands, Singapore, Cuba and CIS.

Xeon E2430 16 gb ram 2tb hdd 1 gbit - 160$ per month.

We also provide free installation of all necessary software. Fine and custom adjustments are paid separately.

We provide VPS hosting from $10 per month. At customer’s option we can install and adjust a VPN or Jabber server or any OS for free.

Our abuse-resistant servers are still the cheapest! You can rest assured that you website is protected and that it won’t get closed after someone’s complaint. Such a servers costs from $200 per month including the server itself, domain and adjustments.

We also register abuse-resistant domains.

Our contacts:
Jabber [email protected]
Резерв [email protected]
Icq 686686362
We highly recommend you to make verification in PM before placing an order.

Our service carries no liability for customer’s financial losses.
Moneyback can be performed only if the form of services equal to the services of the time remaining. Refund can be made only after arbitrator’s decision.
Renting a server a customer agrees that none of his claims regarding his soft performance is accepted after he starts using the server. Please clarify this before making a purchase.
Money back is possible only in case of postponing the initial installation.
The service has the right to reject customer’s purchase without explaining the reasons. In such a case the money paid is refunded.
The service carries no liability for blocking access to servers for customers if it is blocked by data center in case if the customer initially provided incorrect information about what kind of content was going to be placed in the server.
The service carries no liability for blocking or loss of access to the domains registered for customers upon their request.
The information provided above is advertising information and can fail to comply with the actual state of things.
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