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Dec 18, 2016
1) First you just need an rdp of your drop state :-
Lets say your drop lives in chicago,then you will need a RDP from Chicago /You can use sock5 also in any USA rdp,make sure sock 5
is fresh and Time in the RDP matches to state

2) Secondly you need an same state cc/ccv.

3) Now you create an email with the cc holder name

4) Now you go to best buy and choose the item you want to ship,you add to your cart
you make the shipping address same as the billing address(drop address) and then insert your ccv and place the order(you can use any fake phone number but the area code can should be from your drop city and state& order below 800$ is good)

5) You can find drop city and state area phone codes by searching on google, Best Buy doesn't call to confirm..
6)If you want pick up instore ,buy cc/cvv of the zip radius 40miles from the store you gonna pick
7)And search store and cart item,enter name billing address same as in cc then place order,after order gets ready you can add altenative pickup
person name..!!

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