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May 15, 2016
If you are online scammer, you know how it's difficult to get quality targeted traffic.

Google adwords is the best ad choice if you have some online scam shops or services.

So I would like to share my experience in Google adwords carding. In last two years I have started many successful adwords campaigns which bring to our team very good $$. I have tried many ways, but this way is most successful for me.

- First you need to get very strong bin ( I am using Japan cc and preferable this bin 454168(5) )

- I am always working in dedicated server via RDP connection

- Install bitvise SSH client and find good japan SSH login. ( For ssh logins you can search sellers in russian forums or use ipsocks,pro)

- Install proxyfier

- Clean system with ccleaner and bleachbit

- Get some japan cookies ( browse some japan websites )

- Also you need japan number to get confirmation code from google(Call) you can card your number in Skype.

- setup email address like and etc.

Steps to setup adwords account

- Register google account with your own email address ( email must be not from gmail )
IMPORTANT - when you registering in google please input all information ( Billing info&cc info ) manually ( NOT COPY&PASTE )

- Verify account with japan number which you have purchased from skype.

- Let's start to setup your adwords campaign . Daily budget must be not higher than 50$ (after some time you can make daily budget much higher)

- Add payment method ( important : leave cc payment method for automatic funds charge )

- Google will charge your added card only after your campaign reach 500$ spending

- So after the first charge of cc you can put higher daily budget limits ( 200 - 400$ )

provided bin are so strong, sometimes card still valid after two months of 200-400$ daily spending, So you can bring many many customers to your scam shop or service and make serious $$
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