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May 5, 2017
Hello World!
During last months i noted that using less ccs then getting them and decided to offer unused pieces for a people!
I`m getting them for own purposes thats why always trying to get best of best,
not offering to you resaled bases etc.
Its really own sniffed ccs,coming from hacked shops(any proofs)
As right I`m focusing at USA last couple years thats why most of info are americans,
and by a little of CA,EU and so on(coz
you know that customers at shops are located worldwide usually...but as i already said 90%+ are USA...
I offer info which was used by real holders in 1-2 previous months(
just dont to kill accesses for a shops too early, usually
i save ccs from each store like by month or two then going to use)
so you are able to get not-generated records from real holders,with real adresses,
who really did purchases on any sites little time ago!
So if you need sweet stuff,hit me up!
Remember, its not big big service yet, I`m just in start of this way, but planning to grow it up ofcourse...
So, about digits, mix - $10 per each, by bank/type/level- $15-$20, by bin - $25
But take with understanding that my base is not too big yet and maybe choice is not too great yet but ask me and i ll tell,is it in stock or not..
And dont ask rare countries yet, now focus is on USA, after that is coming or canada or i guess UK..but it`s in future,hope closest)
Ready to pass verification by admin or moderator, accepting escrow, and for first deal ready to sell even by 1-2pcs just to make you sure
and taste the quality
Thanks for a attention and waiting on serious menfor partnership!
All best to everyone!
Ah yes and contacts, icq : 90[five]957, jabber : [email protected]
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