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Oct 28, 2016
I am sure lot of people know about dumps, let look a bit deeper in to the dumps and how the are authorised in UK. There are eight different main card types visa, master, debit visa, electron, solo and switch, etc. electron, solo and switch is similar to visa debit.

New customers get issued with solo; they are can upgrade to switch after three to six month. Solo will work almost everywhere in Europe as long as retailer PDQ accepts [cirrus, maestro]. I have no knowledge about outside Europe, dumps concise of 2 and 3 tracks apart from NatWest, which includes all three tracks. You can keep on using the dumps until all the money comes out.

Since most peoples wages goes in to the account direct, best time to use is any time after 28 each month, average wages being $1500 to $2000.

One good thing it lack the fraud protection, bad being only limited to UK and Europe, and its good only in the beginning of the month.

Is similar to solo only different being switch can guarantee cheques.

Is similar to solo, but you can use the electron anywhere, in the world its only good in end of the month.

I am sure that lot of people know about this, I think have to mention about Barclays debit, they use a new pattern spending software to authorise the cards, its good to use it in UK but you have one chance to use the dumps outside Europe, if it doesnt work once dont bother trying for less it want work.

Visa, Master
Generally dumps have high limit apart from few dumps, as far as to my knowledge capital one and Barclaycard offer lowest limit of $500, Barclays implement a pattern matching software which stops the unusual spending on the card, Barclays visa and master card will never work abroad,

Few things to remember about the dumps
To use the UK dumps, you don?t need to encode track 1 and 3, Track 2 is only authorised.
Have you noticed the 201 after the expiry date, which basically means that? When swiped on the PDQ, it will ask you to insert the embedded sim in to the reader.

Further more if its 101 then you will not asked for the sim, there are very few sim readable PDQ in UK. Don?t wary if you are going to use the dumps in other country you will not be asked to insert sim abroad, although I have heard from a friend that he was asked to insert the sim in one of the Middle Eastern country, I cant verify this.

Although one thing is certain you can use the dumps for only once if you purchase large amount. Debits and solos will defiantly work for more than once, If any one has any thing to add please do so.
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