How to get any website to ship!


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May 27, 2016
First thing you need to understand about carding is not everything is going to work. When you are placing an order for a site like "apple" what you wanna do is get a U.S. card with correct billing using the bill+plus ship method.

What this means is your going to put the information on the card for billing like address,zip code and etc and for shipping you put the address you wanna ship it to. Now here's the trick! you must keep that card alive for about 3 days or less.
Which means you will need to buy a private card that's fresh and place the order. Try not to make so many failed attempts.
If you can keep the card alive and not so many failed attempts on the site you just completed 80% of getting it to ship.
Now the 10% is hoping the owner of the card doesn't see his card has been charged some owners have it setup so they know automatically know and others don't.
If your CC comes with a DOB that helps! If the owner is about 50 years old you wouldn't expect him to have messages sent to his phone about his money
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