How To Hack Local Administrator Account Full Access

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May 15, 2017
  • How To Hack Local Administrator Account | Get Full Access To Your School Admin Account
  • Download and Install Ubuntu 12.04 to a Flash Drive
  • Once you have your flash drive, go to school.
  • Shut down the computer completely at school.
  • Plug the flash drive in
  • Turn the computer on, and look for a Boot Menu key option, usually ESC or F10/F12, and then repeatedly tap it.
  • Choose your flash drive.
  • When it loads, select "Try Ubuntu"
  • Open the little folder on the left hand side.
  • Open your Hard Drive (should be on top of list on folders)
  • Open the Windows Folder
  • Open the system32 Folder
  • Delete "Magnify.exe"
  • Copy "cmd.exe"
  • Paste "cmd.exe" as "Magnify.exe"
  • Shutdown and Reboot the Computer.
  • When Windows loads again, open the Ease of Access settings (little button in bottom left) and check "Magnify"
  • and then click "Apply" and finally "Cancel"
  • Type "net user" into the Command Prompt that just popped up.
  • Find the admin account, usually Administrator
  • Type "net user administrator *"
  • Set the new password (WARNING: you can't see yourself type)
  • Login to that account.
  • You can now use an unrestricted Command Prompt window, install malicious software (rats, etc) onto the computer, and so much more.
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