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Jun 8, 2016
1. US drop or shipping address

2. a live card with same state as drop or shipping state..
i know getting same zipcod may not be possible

3.sock 5 with same state as well
Now lets work some magic
First what you need to do is make a valid apple account..
meaning ship anything
less than $500 when it shipped then you know you have
a valid and confirmed shipping

1. create a free email account with card info so
if name on card is Carl Micheal create a free email account with yahoo

or hotmail using the cards name like this [email protected]

or [email protected]

2. now choose any product of your choice less than $500 add to chart,
make sure with express shipping its still cost less than $500

3. now enter your shipping or drop info address with the same
name on billing... so if name on billing address is Janet Moore just use that as
shipping name and use it for the billing

4. on shipping select 1-3 business days or 2-3 business days
depending on the product you choose and the just submit your order for them to

process when you see THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER just sit back and relax watch
them work some magic. After its shipped then you can go beyond $500 if card is
still alive if dead fine same state card with high balance and card but make sure
this time you still maintain same shipping name and address as from the first order.
Go and make lot of money in carding. Thanks for watching my thread.
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