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May 27, 2016
This Ransomware is editable and you can change your own amount and bitcoin address.

Ransomware will lock all files on the computer and unlock them after payment.

You will have the option to change the encrption extension of the ransomware; meaning you can have all encrypted files to end in any extension i.e. [email protected]

So lets say the document encrypted was Gizmo_Prototype_design.docx you can encrypt it to become [email protected]

Victim will have no choice but to contact you via email for payment. This gives you to increase payment charge based on victims urgency.

With this ransomware you will also have the option to have it USB auto installable with time frame. Meaning, you can install it on a portable USB and it will automatically boot and start encrypting files after a give time frame of 2 hours or 2 days (depending on your preference).

I once used this ransomware to encrypt the computer files of a hotel I lodged-in and was able to extract 10 btc from them. I simply installed it on a usb and plugged it into the pc when the receptionist was away from desk.

A user have the option of also sending it as a regular download file, I just prefer to have it on a usb; for better precise targeting. I wished I used this in my university computer rooms. I might have made much more btc.

You will get the source code of the Ransomware and READ-ME text guide.

100% rewards is for you, I will not ask a % of your income like others do!

DOWNLOAD LINK : https://mega.nz/#!koBQwCTB!UqshPOOzQ9SFVIGwsSyUxuhNUccSaGqAQ_qSIe4pXvc
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