Vulnerability Scanners



The scanners which assess the vulnerability of a network or a computer to security attacks are known as Vulnerability Scanners. The tools might function differently, however all of them aim to provide an analysis on how vulnerable the system or a network is. Here is a list of the best ones:

Nessus is the world’s most popular vulnerable scanner topping the list in the years 2000, 2003 and in the year 2006 survey on security tools. It's a free to use vulnerability scanner for personal use in the non enterprise environment.

This scanner is tipped by many to be the most advanced vulnerability scanner in the world and is a powerful and comprehensive tool for scanning as well as providing solutions for vulnerability management. It is free software and is maintained daily.

It is a parser for network infrastructure and its full form is Network Infrastructure Parser. This open source scanner helps with features like auditing, configuring and managing devices for network infrastructure as well as managing the computer networks.

Secunia PSI

It is free computer security software which scans software on a computer system. It tracks those third party/non Microsoft programs which requires security updates to protect your computer against hackers and cyber-criminals.

Retina, with more than 10,000 deployments, is one of the most sophisticated vulnerability scanners in the market. It aids in efficient identifications of IT vulnerability and is also available as a standalone application as well. It essentially identifies weaknesses in the configuration and missing patches.

It is a vulnerability management scanner which provides solutions for vulnerability management by applications through the web. Designed by Qualys Inc., it's available on demand. It helps the users by analyzing their vulnerability status.

Vulnerability management is one of the best security practices to protect the system or a network from security threats. Nexpose is a vulnerability management scanner which does different kind of vulnerability checks where there's a risk in IT security.

Web Vulnerability Scanners

While vulnerability scanners are meant for your system, the web vulnerability scanners assess the vulnerability of web applications. It identifies the security vulnerabilities that your app might have by conducting various tests.

Burp Suite
Burp Suite is a tool for conducting the security test of web based applications. It has a collection of tools which work together and conduct the entire process of testing with an objective to find as well as exploit the vulnerabilities in the security.

It is a testing tool for web security applications and has been written in Java and thus is operating system independent. It acts as a proxy and lets users change web requests by web browsers and web server replies. Webscarab often records the traffic to conduct a further review.

Website security is a crucial factor for both personal as well as organization websites. The prime goal should be to detect the vulnerability of your website before an intruder detects it. Websecurify is a testing tool for website security and can be used to detect the vulnerability of your webs

It is a scanner for web servers and is available as an open source. It conducts detailed testing for several items against the web servers which include testing of more than 6700 files or programs which can be dangerous. It also tests for version specific problems of the web servers.

This tool exposes more than 200 potential vulnerabilities and thus minimizes security threats to your websites. Its written in the programming language Python. W3af has both console user interface as well as graphical user interface.
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