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May 27, 2016
Phone Spoofing & Voice Changing

Western Union will recognise you as a fraudster (first payment, high amount of money etc.) so you will need to give them a call. Use a phone spoofing service so you are able to call the destination using a spoofed number (using the card holder’s number) and not your own. Spoofing services are not highly costly but it is well worth the investment to ensure transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

With voice changing it is pretty much common sense, if you are a male and you phone on behalf of a female card holder then you’re a bit fucked there… So here is a name to a phone spoofing service with a voice changer: SpoofCard.

Even if you have a male cardholders information still use a male voice changer as calls can and will most likely be recorded, if anything were to go wrong it could undergo and investigation. Remember, you always want to stay anonymous no matter what you do within this.

Forwarding Your Calls

Phone spoofing services tend to have databases with blocked/restricted numbers due to fraudulent activities so these cannot be called straight away from the spoofing service most the time. A call forwarding service will be able to solve that problem right away. Set the call forwarding to go to Western Union and call the main line of the call forwarding service using the spoofing service.

If you are not located within the United States you would want to use an internet phone service, if you type that in on Google you will get a huge list of websites that can provide this service. It will save a lot of money if you’re from Europe and have to call a Western Union office in the United States.

Card Holder Background Check

If you are going to try and transfer anything over $100, they will ask you various questions relating to your information (which will be the card holder’s information). Some of the questions that will be asked could possibly be: What is your previous address? What is your SSN (Social Security Number)? What is your date of birth? What is your middle name? What is your mother’s maiden name? What bank issued you your credit card? You are able to gather this sort of information by various websites which are a paid service, but to save time and money you are able to purchase all of the necessary information from good, trusted and reliable vendors.

Just Remember…

  • • This does not work 100% of the time even pros can have problems with it but never give up and keep trying

  • • Use good private information and not public stuff for a higher success rate

  • • Get yourself a money mule (friend/friend of a friend) to pick up your money

  • • Verify that all the information you have acquired to do this is genuine, valid and good

  • • GOOD LUCK Members.

This was put together by myself from the knowledge I have gained from various posts off of other forums and advice from a few vendors. I hope this will come in use to many of you. Keep safe and keep anonymous.

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